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Weight Loss

Functional Medicine

Integrating Eastern and Western Medicine

Focused on optimal internal health

Here at Shape Aesthetics & Wellness, our goal is to focus on optimal internal health that is expressed as bright skin, normal body systems, normal weight, calm and positive mental health, freedom from chronic disease, and robust physical and intimate well-being.

To accomplish all of this, we look towards correcting body imbalances with strategies that will repair and enhance our immune system and control inflammation, the root cause of chronic disease and weight gain.

Lifestyle Training

Metabolic Fitness

This program is more than a weight loss program, it’s a lifestyle training program to help:

  • Repair and Restore the Gut Microbiome

  • Improve Metabolic Fitness and Flexibility

  • Full Detoxification

  • Minimizes Inflammation

  • Reverses Insulin Resistance

This is accomplished with the implementation of:

  • Herbal, Nutraceutical & Essential Oil Supplementation

  • Intravenous (IV) Nutrient and Peptide Support

  • Hormone Balance and Replacement

  • Food as Medicine

  • Nutrition and Weight Management

  • Alternative Therapies




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SHAPE Aesthetics + Wellness combines whole-body wellness, nutrition and aesthetics to help reveal your best health.

  • (303) 630-9855

  • 15200 E Orchard RdUnit 102 Centennial, CO 80016


  • (303) 630-9855

  • 15200 E Orchard RdUnit 102 Centennial, CO 80016

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