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Renuvion: Skin Tightening & Fat Transfers

Renuvion Cosmetic Technology

Skin Tightening

Renuvion, powered by J-Plasma, is a cosmetic technology that can be used as a complementary treatment coupled with liposuction or as a standalone procedure for those seeking optimal results without excisional surgery.

Helium Plasma and RF energy are emitted simultaneously through a slender hand-held wand to provide an even and precise application just below the skin’s surface to provide a dramatic yet gentle effect on tissue. The treatment results in a contraction of the soft tissues providing an outcome that can often be noticeable immediately after the procedure and continue to improve over the next 6-9 weeks as the body goes through the healing process.

Some Renuvion treatments include:

  • Non-surgical/minimally invasive facelift

  • Sagging skin, jowls, and neck area

  • Full-body skin tightening: Thighs, knees, arms, breasts, face, neck, back, hips, butt, and abdomen

Minimally Invasive Procedure

Fat Transfers

Fat Transfer is a minimally invasive procedure to restore volume in the face. The fat is removed from an area in the body and then place back into the face to give natural enhancement and a more youthful appearance. Fat transfers can be utilized to treat both superficial and deep skin volume enhancement. Fat transfers last 2-5 years, depending on the natural aging process, but not all fat cells will survive the initial transfer process. After 6 months, the volume still in place will then last for 2-5 years.

The ideal fat transfer candidate is one who is looking for significant volume in the face. Those who are looking for full-face rejuvenation may benefit from fat transfer pricing over syringes of filler. Those who have stubborn areas of fat and are looking for enhancement of volume in the face would also benefit from fat transfers.

Fat transfers can treat the following:

  • Skin tightening

  • Fine lines and wrinkles

  • Scarring

  • Volume Enhancement in areas prone to volume loss:

    • Temples, cheeks, jawline, chin, and tear troughs




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  • (303) 630-9855

  • 15200 E Orchard RdUnit 102 Centennial, CO 80016


  • (303) 630-9855

  • 15200 E Orchard RdUnit 102 Centennial, CO 80016

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